thing-doing aficionado

art of my warrior of light by @pocketghosts (Twitter)

pronouns: they/them
bi and gay for guys
age: 25+
HP: low
MP: absurd

  • writer

  • mod

  • translator (JP→EN)

  • healer

  • enjoyer of things

  • not ur mom or dad

Things I Do

Most of my writing is on AO3, and most of my translations can be seen on Dreamwidth, in addition to some short stories that haven't made it to AO3. I have also contributed to the creation of several fanzines.

cover art for recollect by @LYKAIOH on Twitter

fic commissions

coming soon (commissions will not be published on AO3)

Translation Commissions

coming soon

Zine Experience

Available to mod, beta read, or typeset (Affinity Publisher preferred, but can do InDesign)! Send me a DM on Twitter and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Ređť„ŚCollect: Co-Head Mod, Coordination, Typesetting and Publishing (including AO3 collection), Finances

  • Kingdom Heals: Contributor

  • KH Halloween Zine 2020: Contributor

  • 8 years of experience managing multidisciplinary projects IRL

  • My brand is "annoyingly accurate"! Sometimes the correct decision changes as the winds of change blow (even what the majority of contributors want might need to be re-evaluated over time), and I am annoyingly committed to keeping up with those changes ;).

Fic Commission Guidelines

coming soon

Translation Commission Guidelines

coming soon